ATEEM stands for Adolescents in Transition to Education and Employment through Mentoring

ATEEM is a relatively new program that provides foster youth with a mentor: a role model and sounding-board who will spend at least a year with their mentee, bringing stability and consistency to a life that so often features neither of these vital components. ATEEM includes foster youth aged 12-21, with the main objective of battling the low graduation rates for youth in the foster care system.

Our Vision:
To provide emotional, motivational, and academic support for at-risk youth through a community of trained adult mentors who are committed to seeing them succeed.

We will help our youth gain the life skills necessary to become contributing members of society.

Mentor Roles:

  • Assist youth to establish and fulfill goals they have set for their education or vocation.
  • Empower youth by helping them recognize their unique qualities and talents.
  • Connect with youth and convey the message, “You are worth my time and effort.”
  • Encourage youth by sharing their personal goals, values and experiences.


To Mentor a Foster youth:

  •  Be at least 21 years old.
  • Complete an application, including background check.
  • Participate in an orientation and a minimum of two trainings per year.
  • Make a commitment of 8 hours a month (to hang out with your mentee) for a minimum of 1 year.

How does the Youth Benefit:

  • Youth in foster care need guidance and assistance in order to transition successfully into independence and adulthood.
  • Youth benefit from a nurturing, supportive adult relationship.
  • Mentors provide guidance to youth in achieving goals.
  • Mentors access community resources for youth.
  • Youth are introduced to positive community events and activities.
  • Options and opportunities are enhanced.


  • School attendance will improve
  • School drop-out rate will decline
  • Youth’s self-esteem and self-confidence will improve
  • Youth’s ability to resolve conflicts will improve
  • Youth will develop new aspirations, skills and interests
  • Youth’s sense of community and connectedness will increase
  • Youth is less likely to be a victim or perpetrator of a crime or to be involved in teen pregnancy or substance abuse

Click here to download a mentor application.  To obtain more information  about becoming a mentor or mentee please contact the Chelan Douglas CASA office at 509-662-7350 or send an email.

Download a copy of our brochure here.