In the Beginning:

In 1977, Seattle Superior Court Judge David Soukup became concerned that he was not being given enough pertinent information in cases involving abused and neglected children.  To alleviate this problem, Judge Soukup formed a program comprised of community volunteers that would investigate and present the children’s best interests in court to assist him in making informed decisions.  He put out a call for volunteers and received 50 responses.  Within the first year of this program, 110 people were trained and ultimately represented 498 children in 376 dependency cases.  Today there are more than 68,000 advocates serving in 1,018 programs nationwide.

To learn more about National CASA, please visit their website by clicking here.

Washington State CASA

Washington State CASA was formed in 1988 by the local CASA programs.  Washington State CASA conducts statewide training, and conducts data collection and awareness campaigns regarding the issues of child abuse and neglect.  To learn more about Washington State CASA, please visit their website by clicking here.

Chelan-Douglas CASA Program
In 1994, a small group of foster parents, committed to furthering the aims and goals of the foster parent program sought out Sue Baker for direction and help in forming a CASA program in Wenatchee.  Sue had been a CASA Guardian ad Litem in Seattle before moving to Wenatchee with her husband Don.

Taking up the challenge, Sue worked closely with many people, including then-Superior Court Judge Carol Wardell, to start the Chelan-Douglas CASA Program.  Today, the CASA program is up and running with over 90 volunteers, providing a voice for abused and neglected children needing a safe and nurturing environment in which to grow and live.