Program Funds

If you want to enrich the life of some of our CASA children contributing to our specfic funds is a great way to donate.

ATEEM Mentoring Program

ATEEM (Adolescents in Transition to Education & Employment through Mentoring) is a relationship based program that matches community volunteers with youth who are I the foster care system.  ATEEM provides a positive adult in the foster youth’s life, assisting that youth to plan for their future and reach their goals.  Whether the mentor helps with finishing high school or obtaining a GED, helping with college entrance procedures or preparing for a job and living on their own ATEEM offers support and guidance to our youth who all too often leave a system unprepared and alone.
If you are interested in volunteering as an ATEEM Mentor please click here.

The Carol Wardell Scholarship Fund

This scholarship is a simple way to honor CASA supporter, Carol Wardell’s, strong will and resolve in seeking a prosperous life for children who have been in foster or relative care.  The goal of this scholarship is to assist these same children as they become future parents, role models and leaders.  The scholarship may only be used for post high school educational expenses or vocational training, and will be paid directly to the school or program designated.  For further information about the Carol Wardell Scholarship please click here.

The Follies Fund

It has long been the dream of our local CASA program to help our foster children have a more “normal” childhood experience.  Attending a school dance, having the chance to own and learn on a computer, or go to a summer camp can help a foster child feel more confident.

The Follies Fund partners with local retailers to provide a place where a foster child may shop and are given the opportunity to select items that match their personal taste.  The fund focuses on categories such as technology, clothing, sports and toys, as well as allowing for educational and recreational activities such as music lessons, summer camps and computer classes.  Without the Wenatchee Valley Follies Guild this dream would never have come to reality and with your contribution and continued support  it will continue for many years to come.

The Christmas Stocking Project

Each Christmas the CASA Program deliver handmade Christmas socks to foster children in our community.  Each sock is lovingly made by people throughout the Wenatchee Valley and becomes a way to build positive memories for each child.  The socks are filled with gifts and delivered to each child by their CASA before Christmas day.  Donations of toys, games and special wishes help to create a special day for each child.  Monetary donations insure that a child’s specific wants and/or needs can be met.  For more information on this project please click here.

Beth & Dennis Dobbs:  Sports for the Child Fund

Sports for the Child Fund was established by Beth and Dennis Dobbs who share a passion for philanthropy, a deep interest in health and fitness, and a love for the Valley.  The goal for this fund is to enrich the lives of foster youth by providing healthy opportunities for wellness and physical education.

The Don Blessing Memorial Fund

Don Blessing began his career in public service with the Peace Corps, assigned to help establish a mental health hospital in the Middle East.  During his professional career, he earned his PhD in Psychology from Pacific University and later retired after 25 years as a Los Angeles County probation officer.  He then moved to the Wenatchee area to be closer to family.  He wanted to stay involved in the community and gave numerous hours to the CASA/GAL program.

A foster child on Don’s case wanted a viola to play at school.  Believing that all children should be able to experience music and the little “extras” in life, Don gave and asked for donations to buy a used but much-appreciated viola.

Upon his untimely death due to heart failure, Don’s family established a memorial fund with the Chelan-Douglas CASA Program.  This fund was established to buy special things for foster kids that they or their families might not be able to afford.

Often foster children are placed away from everything they know: family, home, friends, clothes, and toys.  These “things” that make up their life give them their own identity.  This fund is used specifically to purchase items for foster children that cannot be provided by other agencies or providers. The “extras” that this fund has purchased include summer camp, swimming lessons, teddy bears, sports uniforms, “cool” tennis shoes, journals, bicycles, musical instruments, prom dresses, tuxedos, yearbooks and senior pictures.

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